Prosperity Of Life is a Personal Development and Empowerment training and seminar company that produces and markets life transformational courses and live seminars. The Prosperity Of Life product range has been sold in more than 150 countries around the world. The Prosperity Of Life Network provides individuals with effective personal development programs and an unrivaled income opportunity. Prosperity Of Life is designed for individuals who are ready to get the most out of life, and also appropriate for corporations looking for an education program to motivate and enhance the skills of their executives, management, and employees, all while building company loyalty and creating dramatic results. Featuring success principles that will put your life and business goals within your reach immediately, Prosperity Of Life has the power to change your life indefinitely.

Prosperity Of Life, created by both Shane and Rachel Krider, offer popular personal development courses and seminars to help people transform their lives from the inside out. Life coaching is their passion. The Prosperity Of Life creators coach a plethora of individuals, whether it is introducing them to life coaching as a client; assisting them through the business; or training others to become life coaches themselves. The Founders of Prosperity Of Life are successful entrepreneurs who also offer an online business opportunity based on their collective experience of wealth creation and business success in the personal development industry.


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