As the world becomes increasingly digital, the opportunities to run a successful online-based company increase as well. To work in this setting only requires a laptop and an internet connection – so why not travel the world while you work? Below are some ways that you can achieve this amazing goal and live a new lifestyle with success.

Keep In Touch

An important component of any business is a healthy client relationship. Foster this relationship by keeping in touch with your clients while traveling, and make sure that you are completely transparent about your schedule. It can be disconcerting to a client if you seem mysterious and unreachable, so make sure to send an email, or schedule a phone call once in a while.

Be Prepared for Internet Problems

While the internet is mostly a reliable resource, it can have its downfalls. You will undoubtedly run into an issue or two when traveling and trying to get a connection. Here is a list of common problems with the internet during travel, and some great suggestions on how to remedy that! Being prepared is the best strategy.

Remember Time Zones

While it can be easy to forget what time zone you are operating out of, setting reminders to yourself so you avoid missing calls or deadlines can make or break your business relationships. When suggesting a time for a call, or a Skype meeting, make sure to research your client’s time zone and propose a time that is respectful to that time zone.

Schedule Face to Face Meetings

It can be difficult to schedule face time with clients when they live halfway around the globe from where you are traveling. However, an important part of keeping up with client relationships is making an effort to have meetings face to face. This effort not only shows the client you care, but can also give you the opportunity to visit a place you’ve never been before!

If traveling the world while working remotely sounds like the life for you, here are some ideas of businesses or jobs you can have that encourage and enable regular travel. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it will give you a few ideas to get started.  

  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • Online Coach
  • Remote Freelancer
  • Website Developer

Travel can give you experiences that you aren’t exposed to staying at home. Why not optimize on the opportunity to work remotely and see new things?