Successful people often employ a trick that is contradictory to what most people do. Instead of working on their weaknesses, successful people identify their strengths and work on those. After all, it is the strengths of a person that makes their luck in life. One can always rely on their strong sides to be there for them.

To identify one’s strength, one should see what areas of life make them excited. If a certain activity awakens the excitement and inner genius within, then it is one of the strengths of that person. When others observe you living out your passions, they will often be able to tell that you thrive working towards something you love. Working in an area of passion is what people will probably also excel at in the eyes of others.

When discovering oneself, the first factor is to try out different things until they can pinpoint their passions and strengths. This means sacrificing job titles in the beginning and getting one’s hands into different fields of work until they find their expertise.

Another way to find one’s strengths is to see what can be performed differently than everyone else. This will make a person stand out from the crowd which is a precursor to success.

A good way to identify one’s strength is to use others as a source of information to determine what they see as your strengths. Some people have a hard time acknowledging their own strengths, and as such need input from trusted friends, advisors, or family. Often, others can have better insight into your strengths than you can.  

A few exercises with another person can help pinpoint the strengths in another. To find their strength, a person must ask their friend to name three of their most obvious strengths. For example, a friend can use the passions of their friend to make a story up that includes their strength. This will help one reflect on a life story that creates a vision of their new reality.

A good way to get in touch with individual innate strengths is to imagine oneself living their life with the things that they are strong in. Check all the details that are appealing and all the details that are frightening. Once the story is finished, it can be revised to make the scenario more and more pleasing to the one identifying their strengths. Once the story feels completely right, the passion has turned into a goal that can be pinpointed, and one can start taking steps to transfer their dream into real life.