Rachel and Shane Krider are a husband and wife duo who travel the world as personal development coaches and speakers. As the marketing expert for the pair, Rachel Krider talks about the successes and freedoms she’s had working as an expat in online business in this video. If you so choose, you could become successful in this business as well. See below for the dialogue.

Do you want to work from anywhere and have the ability to create a significant level of financial success for yourself and your family?

I’m Rachel Krider. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but I’ve been living as an expat for the past seven years. My business allows me to live in the most spectacular places around the world, and my cell phone is the tool of the trade. With a laptop and a phone, you can literally be running this business from anywhere.

I found that if you take money out of the picture, it frees you up spiritually and emotionally in order to really start living and enjoying life. That little saying, “love makes the world go round, but money pays for the trip,” is especially true.

An important aspect about working is the ability to find something that you can do from anywhere. As an expat, you have the choice to create the other freedoms that are so important to you. It’s key in my experience.

I’m now super passionate about working with expats just like me who want to create this level of financial success for themselves. One of the great things about technology in online business these days is that you can live in the most exotic locations around the world. Whether it be Thailand, Singapore, or South America, you won’t be affected by your local economy. Instead, you can earn on a global scale.

That’s the beauty of tapping into the most appropriate form of online business — you can live where you want to live and travel on that global scale; it’s a beautiful thing.

If you can picture yourself working from anywhere, then go ahead and follow my lead, request some free information, and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I possibly can.

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