Personal development is something that is learned much later on in life than it should be. High schools should be teaching personal development courses or offering seminars as part of a graduation requirement.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
This is something that is completely neglected in high schools across the country. Some teachers will even emphasize a style of the exact opposite. They may point out how well another student is doing in their class thinking that they’re inspiring their other students to reach higher levels. In fact, these “better” students tend to be entrusted with certain tasks because of the teacher’s own personal preferences and judgment. Rather, teachers should be comparing a student’s own progress to that specific student. Students should be shown that progress matters. It’s not about getting to a specific point but instead is about how much progress the student has made. Being compared to other students will only inject a sense of jealousy in a student.

Goal Setting
Goal setting is something that every student should be taught. These should be goals for success in the future, whether they be short-term or long-term. These goals shouldn’t be academic goals that meet standards set forth by a department. Having goals will help students plan for what they want in life instead of just letting happening to them. The sooner a student learns about proper goal setting, the better they will be set up for success in the future.

Attitude Creates Reality
Cause and effect is something that may get touched on in a science class or a social science but it’s not something that’s heavily explored. Exploring this would help studnets understand that they are responsible for their own success and even the failures that are inevitable in life. Starting as a young student, children can learn that adjusting their attitudes to become better achievers and happier as a people. This can only help to equip students to become successful and more balanced adults.

Teaching personal development to students is vital to ensuring they can attain success as they grow older and navigate through adulthood. Without personal development taught at an earlier age, students may learn too late to truly affect their lives.